Gigs & News


I recently had an amazing experience spending a month in Calgary as musical director for DJD’s production, Mimic. Also was very happy to be profiled in Downbeat Magazine:

Looking forward to being back in Toronto and playing the following gigs:



Apr 10, 7:30pm      Brodie West Quintet      Tranzac, Toronto

Apr 13, 3pm      Alex Lukashevshky    Kazoo Festival, Guelph

Apr 23, 9:30pm      Jamie Reynolds Trio     The Rex, Toronto

Apr 24, 8pm     Noah Franche-Nolan Trio       Alchemy, Toronto

Apr 28, 10pm        Noah Franche-Nolan Trio  Tranzac, Toronto

May 7, 10pm    Peripheral Vision     Tranzac, Toronto

May 18, 8pm      Ugly Beauties       Gallery 345, Toronto    

May 29-June 4     Brodie West Quintet Tour       Canada

June 6-7, 9:30pm      Mike Murley Sextet  The Rex, Toronto    

June 23, 8pm     Murley/Turcotte/Vivian/Fraser     The Rex, Toronto

June 24, 6:45pm     Peripheral Vision    TD Toronto Jazz Fest, Toronto

June 26, 6:45pm       ITACA       TD Toronto Jazz Fest, Toronto

June 27, 8pm     ITACA    TD Ottawa Jazz Fest, Ottawa

June 30, 8pm           ITACA    TD Vancouver Jazz Fest, Vancouver