Gigs & News


I recently had an amazing experience spending a month in Calgary as musical director for DJD’s production, Mimic. Also was very happy to be profiled in Downbeat Magazine:

Looking forward to being back in Toronto and playing the following gigs:



Feb 9, 10pm      Nick Fraser/Sture Ericsson and Friends      Tranzac, Toronto

Feb 10, 10pm      Bloops (Lina Allemano, Mike Smith, Germaine Liu)     Tranzac, Toronto

Feb 11, 7pm      Ted Crosby Trio     Emmet Ray, Toronto

Feb 18, 10pm     Nick Fraser Quartet      Bushwick Public House, Brooklyn

Feb 19, 8pm   Florian Hoefner Trio     National Arts Centre, Ottawa

Feb 20, 7:30pm    Florian Hoefner Trio     Home Smith Bar, Toronto

Feb 22, 8:30pm      Florian Hoefner Trio       The Jazz Room, Waterloo    

Feb 23, 8pm      John Russon Quartet      La Rev, Toronto

Feb 24, 8pm      Lina Allemano Jazz Quartet   Emmet Ray, Toronto    

Feb 26, 10pm     Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot     Tranzac, Toronto

Dec 1, 3pm     Ernie Tollar Quartet    The Pilot, Toronto

Mar 5, 10pm       Peripheral Vision       Tranzac, Toronto

Mar 6, 9:30pm     Patrick Smith Quintet    The Rex, Toronto

March 7, 9:30pm           Tony Malaby Quartet    The Rex, Toronto