Gigs & News


I am looking forward to the music world opening up again. Also looking forward to a new quartet album being released on the Swiss Hathut/Ezzthetics label later in 2021. I was very happy to be profiled in Downbeat Magazine recently:


Aug 14, 12-6pm    Zula Presents: Eucalyptus (and much more)   Bayfront Park, Hamilton   

Sept 6, 8:30pm      Brendan Davis Quartet          The Rex, Toronto   

Sept 13, 8:30pm      Peter Hill Quintet      The Rex, Toronto   

Sept 16-18      Guelph Jazz Festival w. Ted Crosby, Rob Clutton, etc   Guelph, ON   

Sept 19, 5pm      Peripheral Vision     Barbara Hall Park, Toronto  

Sept 24, evening      Eucalyptus (and more)      Tranzac, Toronto

Sept 20, 8:30pm      Peter Hill Quintet          The Rex, Toronto    

Sept 25, 12-6pm    Zula Presents: Brodie West Quintet (plus)    Bayfront Park, Hamilton   

Sept 27, 8:30pm      Peter Hill Quintet          The Rex, Toronto   

Sept 29-Oct 2, 8:30pm      Peripheral Vision      The Rex Juno Series, Toronto   

Oct 3, 8:30pm      Dan Pitt Quintet CD Release   The Rex, Toronto   

Oct 5-10        Florian Hoefner Trio European Tour      Germany, Czech Republic  

Oct 14, 8:30pm      William Carn / Tara Davidson Quintet      Jazz Bistro, Toronto

Nov 3-14          Lina Allemano Four European Tour      Switzerland, Germany, Austria   

Nov 17-20, 8:30pm      Andrew Downing’s Otterville      The Rex Juno Series, Toronto

Dec 1-13        Florian Hoefner Trio European Tour      Germany, Austria