* indicates recordings which feature original compositions by Nick Fraser

Nick Fraser Quartet – If There Were No Opposites (Hathut/Ezz-thetics)*
Troublemaker – Music of Nick Fraser (All Set!)*
Lina Allemano Four – Vegetables (Lumo Records)
Dan Pitt Quintet – Wrongs (independent)
Andrew Downing’s Otterville – Lovesome (independent)

ITACA – Vortex (Nusica.org Records)*
Peripheral Vision – Mutual Humiliation / Irrational Revelation (Step3)
Owen Pallet – Island (Domino/Secret City)
Mark Godfrey Quintet  – Square Peg (independent)
Rob Clutton Trio – Counsel of Primaries (SnailBongBong)
See Through 4 – False Ghosts, Minor Fears (All-Set!)
Eli Wallace Quartet – Striking (independent)

Nick Fraser / Kris Davis / Tony Malaby – Zoning (Astral Spirits)*
Eucalyptus – Kick It ‘Til You Flip It (Lorna Records)
Dan Pitt Trio – Fundamentally Flawed (independent)
Florian Hoefner Trio – First Spring (Alma Records)
Sandro Perri – Soft Landing (Constellation)

Nick Fraser – Is Life Long? (Clean Feed Records)*
Roscoe Mitchell and the Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra  – Ride The Wind (Nessa Records)
Ian Sinclair Quartet – Know The Reflection (independent)
Peripheral Vision – More Songs About Error and Shame (independent)

Ugly Beauties – Strange Attractors (independent)*
Lina Allemano Four – Sometimes Y (Lumo Records)
Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot – Squish It! (Lumo Records)
Jessica Ackerley – Coalesce (independent)
Eucalyptus – Pink Flamingo Room (independent)

Nick Fraser – Starer (independent)*
Justin Haynes – Nick Fraser The Drummer plays 12 compositions by Justin Haynes
Sienna Dahlen – Ice Age Paradise (independent)
Andrew Downing – Otterville (independent)
Michael Herring Quartet – A Very Large Gap (Step3)
Eucalyptus – Stop and Go (HAVN Records)

Nick Fraser (w. Kris Davis/Tony Malaby) – Too Many Continents (Clean Feed Records) *
Jayme Stone – The Lomax Project (Borealis)
Rob Grieve – Nusuth (independent)

Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot – Kiss the Brain (Lumo Records)*
Peripheral Vision – Sheer Tyranny of Will (independent)
Eucalyptus – Fascination in Sound (Healing Power)
Quorum – Gestation (independent) *
Ryan Driver – The Ryan Driver Quintet Plays the Stephen Parkinson Songbook (Barnyard/Tin Angel)
Fern Lindzon – Like a Circle in a Spiral (independent)
Lara Solnicki – Whose Shadow? (independent)

Nick Fraser – Towns and Villages (Barnyard) *
Drumheller – Sometimes Machine (Barnyard) *
Jayme Stone – The Other Side of the Air (independent)

Lina Allemano Four – Live at the Tranzac (Lumo)
John Russon Quintet – Joint Attention (independent)
Eucalyptus – Eeeeeuuuucalyptus (Blocks recording club)

AIMToronto Orchestra – Year of the Boar (Barnyard)
Peripheral Vision – Spectacle Live! (Step3)
Fern Lindzon – Two Kites (independent) – Juno Award Nominee
Jane Fair/Rose Galloway Quintet – Playin’ Jane (independent)
David French – Dance of the Bees (Cellar Live)
Jayme Stone – Room of Wonders (independent) – Juno Award nominee
Ryan Driver – Who’s Breathing? (Rat-Drifting / Fire)

Drumheller – Glint (Rat-Drifting) *
Lina Allemano Four – Jargon (Lumo)
Peripheral Vision – Peripheral Vision (independent)
John Geggie Trio plus Donny McCaslin – Across the Sky (Plunge)
The Rent – Musique de Steve Lacy (Ambiences Magnetiques)
Jandek – Toronto Sunday (CD/DVD) (Corwood Industries)

Marilyn Lerner, Matt Brubeck, Nick Fraser – Ugly Beauties (Ambiences Magnetiques) *
John Geggie – The Geggie Project (featuring Marilyn Crispell) (Ambiences Magnetiques) *
Michael Herring’s Vertigo featuring David Binney – Dark Materials (RomHog)

Blah Blah 666 – It’s Only Life! (Barnyard Records) *
Eric Chenaux – Sloppy Ground (Constellation)
Lina Allemano Four – Gridjam (Lumo) *
Jayme Stone and Mansa Sissoko – Africa to Appalachia (independent) – Juno Award winner
Anthony Braxton and the AIMToronto Orchestra – Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007 (Spool)

Deep Dark United – Look At/Look Out (Rat-Drifting)
Don Scott Quartet – Out of Line (feast your ears)
Sandro Perri – Tiny Mirrors (Constellation)
Avi Granite 6 – Red Tree (Pet Mantis)
Cash Cow – Love in the Big City (The Breath)

Drumheller – Wives (Rat-Drifting) *
Lina Allemano Four – Pinkeye (Lumo)
Eric Chenaux – Dull Lights (Constellation)

Drumheller – Drumheller (Rat-Drifting) *

Nick Fraser and Justin Haynes – Nick Fraser and Justin Haynes are faking it (independent) *

Jordan O’Connor/Nick Fraser/Justin Haynes – Falling Forward (The Breath) *

This Moment – Beautiful Line (9Winds) *

Cash Cow – When We Were Little Girls (The Breath)
Jennifer Ryan and Cash Cow – Found (The Breath)

Permanent Stains– Scour the Earth and Find Permanent Stains (independent) *

Nick Fraser – Owls in Daylight (Mutable Records) *
The Unbeatables – Debunker (Canal Records)

Tena Palmer/Justin Haynes – Not Drowning… Waving (Canal Records)

The Unbeatables – The Great Dogs Are Loose in the Yard (Canal Records) *